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Rarara, there

Sound pronunciation r in chistogovorka.Word creation of children There is a sound r, songs are sung, chistogovorka composes.The composition a chistogovorok with words the mountain, grapes, pomegranate.Rarara, there is a high mountain.It Radradrad, sweet grapes grow.Natnatnat, I love pomegranate.Fizminutka Cheerful warmup under V.Shainskys music Together cheerfully to walk on open spaces.Sound pronunciation r in words and selection of definitions The strong wind blew.


Speech combination to the movement The woodpecker gives a signal to the baby birds.Pronouncing syllabic combinations dydydydydyso, yesyes, to to to to to dock with an accent on a final syllable.Woodpeckers greet us.Pronouncing syllables dy yes, dy yes, dy yes, du to dy, dadudy on one exhalation.Development of phonemic perception Game Catch a Sound R.Allocation of a sound r against the sounds close on acoustic and articulation signs.Sounds l, r, sh, r, l, r.


Pronouncing a combination iye with tension.Correction of a lip and tooth sigmatizm To show that during pronouncing a sound with a lip should not adjoin to the top cutters or approach with them.Alternation of movements of lips with consecutive change of their smykaniye and disconnection connected with an oskalivaniye of teeth and an exposure of the lower cutters.The mechanical help in a type of pushup of a lower lip by the pallet from top to bottom is in case of need applied.

If your child

But, arriving thus, we deprive of its opportunity to learn life by own experience.If your child tries to put on boots and speaks to you: I am not able, and you know that earlier he coped with it, smile and leave the room.Do not ask him at all and do not plague him.You will give to the child feeling that in him believe, and this feeling is capable to push him to commission of such acts which he considered excessive for himself.Be convinced that your child has certain duties and he makes the contribution to family affairs.


For example, autopsy of a brain of people with a dyslexia shows that they broke development of bark of the left hemisphere and neurons grow in the wrong direction.Violations in the left hemisphere allow the right hemisphere to create more developed Chains of neurons.Albert Galaburda from Medical school of Harvard concludes: Perhaps, it will help us to explain that strange fact that among having a dyslexia we see a large number of the people presented musically, having talents for various vizualnoprostranstvenny activity, and also lefthanders is disproportionate.

On what only

The school furiously was at war with long hairdresses.All were put in order, even tenthgraders forced to cut the hair and only one our boy sported magnificent on childrens taste of that time a hairdress.On what only shifts it did not go!Climbed in school in a window to pass the duty teacher, ran from lessons, hid in corridors if saw the director, war.But only on the boy waved a hand: let goes as wants, he went and cut the hair nearly bare.That put and came to an end.

Because mother

In conditions samoregulya, tion each new day and minute of life of the child mean new opening for mother.Because mother always follows the child and all the time studies in the course of direct supervision.So, if the child shouts within half an hour after he well ate, young mother should most solve this problem out of a zavisimy sta of that supporters of the strict schedule about it speak.To it it is inconvenient?He is tormented by gases in a tummy?

But who does

But who does not know, the benefits from where undertake?Repeating endlessly: do not understand, it is necessary to explain, it is necessary to teach, it is necessary to accustom, it is necessary to demand, it is necessary that understood, it is necessary to force, it is necessary to control resorting to these habitual pedagogical turns of speech, thoughts and actions, we is imperceptible for itself we slip by something very serious.All people know that at school it is necessary to study well, and to work at work, but all people nevertheless have suddenly desires.

Products. Call

In the yard

Allocation by voice of a shock syllable in words: machine, lock, lock, etc.Work on a logical accent in the offer.In the yard there is a lot of to snow.In the yard there is a lot of to snow.In the yard there is a lot of to snow.Who called you papaMedved, mother Medveditsa or Mishutka?Call Mashenka home voice of mother, grandfather or grandmother.Tell so that Bears allowed to go home Mashenka.Ask Bears to release Mashenka.Order to bears to release Mashenka.

Well why you made

Pedagogics all as detective.Sixyearold Matvei passed by others apartment, saw that at doors the key sticks out, turned it, locked a door, and the key carried away to the yard and buried in snow scandal came out awful.It is good that the boy admitted, and it is good that found a key it buried it so, as a century not to find.Well why you made it?Well unless you do not understand?I stick to Matvei, being indignant.But he cannot explain!And no boy can explain why he took others, hit the companion, pinched, pushed, called why he did not begin to do homework, put out the tongue at the neigbour in a school desk from where he knows, why?

The belief

Where there is or can be a contradiction where alternative knowledge is possible we will call them so, the belief is absolutely necessary there.It is the cornerstone also of belief.Belief are the knowledge connected to belief in them.The belief the knowledge capable to sustain criticism to resist under the pressure of alternative, opposite views and the facts.Continuous dispute: how feelings influence knowledge?How knowledge affects feelings?

It is so great

Whether it is necessary to hurry?Who knows, maybe, in this freedom under supervision which more will never be, that is in full internal freedom from responsibility, from conscience, from need to choose, grows ripe both ability to love, and thirst for selfrelease.It is so great that the child in everything contradicts parents.Itself!Leaves with mother the bus I!And after all will break.Mother picks up it under mice, holds strong, but keeps saying: !

The first

These children insincerity mix with improbable politeness and false manners.Their reaction to freedom is prompt and predictable.The first few weeks they open a door before teachers, address to me sir and carefully wash.They look at me with respect In which the fear is easily read.In some weeks of freedom they prove to be the true: become rough, not washed y lose all the manners.They do everything that forbade them earlier: talk smut, smoke, break things, thus keep insincere politeness in eyes and in a voice.

Then that

The conflicts concerning preparation of lessons began at them since then as the son went to school, And this time mother began to saw it: You promised that will make lessons, and then will be engaged in another matters.Then that you do not keep the word?The son did not even deign to tear off the look from a banner: I will make.And now, please, leave alone me!Mother sarcastically laughed: Well here, I already heard it not once.I want that you stopped going about the own business and made up to the end lessons.


Before repeated reading installation on storing and the subsequent retelling is given.After repeated reading questions according to contents of the text are set, the attention of the child is drawn to words which he has to say correctly, pronouncing these words.Further it is offered, using the direct speech of the character, to choose for it suitable intonation.If some children participate in occupation, it is possible to dramatize the story or the fairy tale, to read the text on roles.

My ingenuity

The next year I was on an exhibition of toys, having dressed up a rag doll.And this invention too was appreciated.My ingenuity both in study, and in pranks attracted to me the girl by the name of Cristal Swift.We for hours shook together on a swing or played in association.Anybody, except us two, could not understand that ridiculous that jelly are followed by lime, and behind lime sauce.But it infinitely amused us, Cristal understood my speech muffled, abrupt and confused.

Only about

Only about ten percent of children, whose state in a broad sense are called antique or autizmopodobny, can be considered as RDA having the syndrome described by Leo Kanner in E form is filled with the childs parents.As many examples of behavior at children with autism and other similar violations of development significantly change after five years, all questions E Forms belong to behavior, medical history etc.of the child from the birth till six years.

From words: Mother

On a grass somersault, Jump, butt.Mother nannygoat is strict, Would pull by horns, But is not present meanwhile rozhek At children tonkonozhek.Index and big fingers of the left and right hand vigorously move on a table surface, then cams rest each other butt.From words: Mother nannygoat is strict to raise two spread wide fingers of the left hand up, and the right hand to squeeze horns.CHEERFUL FINGERS This finger went to the wood, This finger found a mushroom, This finger began to clean, This finger began to fry, And this finger ate everything, Because also grew fat.

The reason

The desire arises only when there is some hope for its execution.It is terrible to utter in our century of reason, but the soul human needs belief, but not reason.The reason is necessary to the modern person in order that it, the person, was able to trust.Old saying of the medieval churchman is known: I trust because it is absurd.The modern person speaks: I trust because answers reason.But I trust.All the same I trust!The reason kills blind belief, but need forces to trust the person to think.

Lets remember

And what to do to feeling near the conveyor?And how to operate feeling?So there is a false idea of reason superiority over feelings, of antagonism between feelings and reason, about advantage of mind and uselessness of feeling.Lets remember this danger, reflecting on mind education.Even for convenient studying, even it is temporary, even in the form of the admission we should not divide mind and feeling.In a pure look mind and feeling do not exist, are not cultivated and are extremely dangerous to the person and his environment.

All other

and But what to do?.We build only one wall of educational construction so far, and one wall does not keep.All other part of the book also represents the answer to the elementary in appearance a question: how to grow up the independent person?Clearly to answer any question, it is necessary to use clear words.And here also waits for us the hidden obstacle.Hundreds of years the world repeats the ironical and sad Shakespearean phrase: Words, words, words Sublime words with which so often cover emptiness mean.

On the contrary, we will

Much worse when it is necessary to sigh: Interests nothing mine But also we will leave this phrase at ourselves, never we will reproach the child with an incuriosity it is dangerous.On the contrary, we will try to inspire in it that everything interests him, we will be surprised endlessly to his sharp eye, fast mind, then, perhaps, we indeed will manage to shake a heavy flywheel of an incuriosity.If tenyearold grabs everything and everything throws, he looks for the interest, looks for such business which at it will go; lets not reproach him, we will restrain, will try to be patient teachers.


Fourth stage Pronouncing syllables and onomatopoeias.Game tasks and exercises Echo.We got lost in the wood, we cried Hey!Conversation of toys.Pronouncing syllabic combinations: a pas on a pas on, pubupubu.Conversation of aliens youvuyouvu, vafayoufy, Who as gives a vote.Cuckoo: Kuku, to a kuk.Horse: A yoke go auau.Cat: Myauuu.Dog: Гвввв, Afffff, Chicken: Totototo.Rooster: Ku kureku.Lets call pigeons babblebabblebabble.

Here know

By the way, war in which the victory is obvious, that is war with obviously weak opponent, unfair war will demoralize soldiers.Here know that will win, and decline of morals because the morals are closely connected with belief.Everywhere, where only one knowledge where the belief potesnyatsya, falls morals there.Moral level of the person is directly proportional to his belief in the supreme human values, in correctness and a victory of the business.For heart it is necessary to trust.


He submits to laws of language, his logician, and it, maybe, the first law which he perceives, accepts as the law.It nobody obliges to tell a big table, but inconveniently and ridiculously to tell him big a table.Gradually so do not speak and so do not arrive communicates in consciousness of the child.After all all words concerning moral are painted in language by approval or disapproval.I do not think that in the world there was a language in which the words coward, traitor, murderer sounded approvingly or at least neutrally, and in each language for certain there are words well and badly.

Fortunately, killed

She exploded and knocked down from feet some people.Fortunately, killed nobody.That day occupations stopped, but next day us again took away a system on a platform for a throwing.When I took the first grenade in hand, they shivered.The sergeant contemptuously looked at me and told that I the nasty coward.I agreed.The sergeant, the person who made feats, worthy Victorias Cross did not know physical fear, but soon after that incidents he admitted to me: Nile, I hate driving a company when you in a system, all the time fatally I am afraid.

You, likely, Templ

Welcome to Lebediny camp!The woman opened a car door for my part.You, likely, Templ Grendin?And I Nan Armen, the teacher in your cottage.I looked down and was silent.Well, Templ, leave and greet Nan mother called me.It already left and stood near the teacher.Was hot, and sweat poured from me a hail but inside as though everything freezed.I reluctantly got out of the car.In a few minutes Nan already showed me a cottage, my bed, a locker for clothes When to mother time came to leave, I occupied with putting on of a bathing suit hardly looked at her.


Pronouncing syllabic combinations of a bdabd, bdobdo, bdubda, bdybda; bdabdobdy, bdabdabdubdy with intonation change.Development of phonemic perception Definition of a position of a sound sh in words Shura, Masha, Natasha, the robust fellow, korotysh, the silly fellow, the naked child.Occupation Exercise for development of a long exhalation The wind rustles.To establish a bubble upside down at the level of a nose.To raise wide language to an upper lip and strongly to blow on language.


On the general trouble human, the pleasure of this sort happens sharper, than pleasure of kind people because it flashes on a dark, burdensome, sad background: a lightning in night.Is explained by it, why some people are so committed to the evil.They make all new and new destructive acts to test though a moment of sharp pleasure.Therefore the evil will happens such terrible.Sometimes even it seems as if it is stronger than good will as if it is attractive as if the evil is pleasant to people more, than kindly, I had to meet such opinion.

Game exercises

Game exercises On what I played?, What tool sounded?; Blizzard and Blizzard; Mosquito and komarik; Aukanye on behalf of the girl and the father; Learn on intonation Learn who speaks Ai!the sick, cheerful or angry person; We play drums the boomboomboom sounds a bass drum, boomboomboom the small barabanchik sounds; Who called?; We walk on floors.Pronouncing syllabic combinations to increase and depression of voice is followed by the movement of a hand; Learn on a voice.

Not always

See, the sun warmed, and we started thawing.Conversation of the Swallow and Vorobey.The swallow, you where gathered?Unless you do not know, on the South I depart.And you, Vorobey why you do not depart?And what for?of Cold I am not afraid, I too have a food.Not always the snowball fills up seeds of plants.Children of crumbs will fill, so for hunger I will not be lost.And you, the Swallow why you depart?I have nothing to eat here.

If the belief

The person looks for such activity that and as a hobby there was a work work of belief, differently work becomes mechanical, callous.If the belief is not necessary hundred percent of success are guaranteed or it is impossible hundred percent of failure are expected, there is no hunting to work, there is no mobilization of internal forces, and the person acts not in the best way.Tie a healthy hand to a body it will wither.Deprive of the person of opportunity or need to trust his soul, because belief function of soul, as well as love, as well as will as a physical activity function of a hand will dry.

Is please. The later

You have full

You have full authority to tell: I understand that a condition of your room this your personal record, but I cannot remain indifferent to it.It is unpleasant to me because it is important for me that in all house there was an order, and I want that your room was not an exception.If, let us assume, your daughter does not come home in the appointed hour and you speak to her: On Sundays you have to be at home no later than oclock in the evening well to sleep before school, this phrase will hardly cause improvement in her behavior.

But try to ask yourself

No doubt: when the irritation begins to boil in soul, difficultly to restrain.But try to ask yourself two short questions: Than the child is guilty to you?whether and You love it?.Usually at the word love the irritation abates.Darlings do not irritate!It is possible to notice, however, that the habit and it is a habit to irritation kills, undermines love I run in the subway, I need to exchange in the machine gun kopeks for fivecopeck coins.

John gradually

John felt deprived and forgotten and therefore began to offend her.Mother right there paid to it the negative attention that suited John: after all for the child any attention is better, than indifference.John gradually learned that it is possible to attract attention and bad behavior.And meanwhile his sister developed in herself absolutely a different view on surrounding reality.It acquired that it attack without any visible reason.Such circumstance for certain will lead it to conclusion that in the world of everything it is necessary to be afraid.


Game exercise Jugglers.We throw balls and we say syllables: smasmasmasma; smusmasmy; smysmysmysmy; dreamsno; smosmosmosmo; to a dream dreams; smusmusmusmu; dreamdreamsdream; smasmosmu; svasvosvusvy.Children draw wave fingers.Development of phonemic perception Ball game.Catch a ball if you hear in the word a sound with.Find pictures in which name there is a sound with; put them to a page letter.Before the child pictures in which name there are sounds with and c give all the best.


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