But try to ask yourself

But try to ask yourself No doubt: when the irritation begins to boil in soul, difficultly to restrain.

But try to ask yourself two short questions: Than the child is guilty to you?

whether and You love it?


Usually at the word love the irritation abates.

Darlings do not irritate!

It is possible to notice, however, that the habit and it is a habit to irritation kills, undermines love I run in the subway, I need to exchange in the machine gun kopeks for fivecopeck coins.

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John gradually

John gradually John felt deprived and forgotten and therefore began to offend her.

Mother right there paid to it the negative attention that suited John: after all for the child any attention is better, than indifference.

John gradually learned that it is possible to attract attention and bad behavior.

And meanwhile his sister developed in herself absolutely a different view on surrounding reality.

It acquired that it attack without any visible reason.

Such circumstance for certain will lead it to conclusion that in the world of everything it is necessary to be afraid.

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Children Game exercise Jugglers.

We throw balls and we say syllables: smasmasmasma; smusmasmy; smysmysmysmy; dreamsno; smosmosmosmo; to a dream dreams; smusmusmusmu; dreamdreamsdream; smasmosmu; svasvosvusvy.

Children draw wave fingers.

Development of phonemic perception Ball game.

Catch a ball if you hear in the word a sound with.

Find pictures in which name there is a sound with; put them to a page letter.

Before the child pictures in which name there are sounds with and c give all the best.

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