Game exercises

Game exercises Game exercises On what I played?

, What tool sounded?

; Blizzard and Blizzard; Mosquito and komarik; Aukanye on behalf of the girl and the father; Learn on intonation Learn who speaks Ai!

the sick, cheerful or angry person; We play drums the boomboomboom sounds a bass drum, boomboomboom the small barabanchik sounds; Who called?

; We walk on floors.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations to increase and depression of voice is followed by the movement of a hand; Learn on a voice.

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Not always

Not always See, the sun warmed, and we started thawing.

Conversation of the Swallow and Vorobey.

The swallow, you where gathered?

Unless you do not know, on the South I depart.

And you, Vorobey why you do not depart?

And what for?

of Cold I am not afraid, I too have a food.

Not always the snowball fills up seeds of plants.

Children of crumbs will fill, so for hunger I will not be lost.

And you, the Swallow why you depart?

I have nothing to eat here.

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If the belief

If the belief The person looks for such activity that and as a hobby there was a work work of belief, differently work becomes mechanical, callous.

If the belief is not necessary hundred percent of success are guaranteed or it is impossible hundred percent of failure are expected, there is no hunting to work, there is no mobilization of internal forces, and the person acts not in the best way.

Tie a healthy hand to a body it will wither.

Deprive of the person of opportunity or need to trust his soul, because belief function of soul, as well as love, as well as will as a physical activity function of a hand will dry.

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Is please. The later

Is please. The later The child has to see that I grudge for nothing.

I am wastefully generous, I do not store tasty things neither on the future, nor for guests.

Is please.

The later the child will master everyday mechanics you me, I you, the better.

I know a family where the father, coming back home after work or after long absence, never brought anything to children that they did not rush to him with words: What did you bring?

That they did not think as if the father is obliged to bring.

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You have full

You have full You have full authority to tell: I understand that a condition of your room this your personal record, but I cannot remain indifferent to it.

It is unpleasant to me because it is important for me that in all house there was an order, and I want that your room was not an exception.

If, let us assume, your daughter does not come home in the appointed hour and you speak to her: On Sundays you have to be at home no later than oclock in the evening well to sleep before school, this phrase will hardly cause improvement in her behavior.

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