Gradually He submits to laws of language, his logician, and it, maybe, the first law which he perceives, accepts as the law.

It nobody obliges to tell a big table, but inconveniently and ridiculously to tell him big a table.

Gradually so do not speak and so do not arrive communicates in consciousness of the child.

After all all words concerning moral are painted in language by approval or disapproval.

I do not think that in the world there was a language in which the words coward, traitor, murderer sounded approvingly or at least neutrally, and in each language for certain there are words well and badly.

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Fortunately, killed

Fortunately, killed She exploded and knocked down from feet some people.

Fortunately, killed nobody.

That day occupations stopped, but next day us again took away a system on a platform for a throwing.

When I took the first grenade in hand, they shivered.

The sergeant contemptuously looked at me and told that I the nasty coward.

I agreed.

The sergeant, the person who made feats, worthy Victorias Cross did not know physical fear, but soon after that incidents he admitted to me: Nile, I hate driving a company when you in a system, all the time fatally I am afraid.

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You, likely, Templ

You, likely, Templ Welcome to Lebediny camp!

The woman opened a car door for my part.

You, likely, Templ Grendin?

And I Nan Armen, the teacher in your cottage.

I looked down and was silent.

Well, Templ, leave and greet Nan mother called me.

It already left and stood near the teacher.

Was hot, and sweat poured from me a hail but inside as though everything freezed.

I reluctantly got out of the car.

In a few minutes Nan already showed me a cottage, my bed, a locker for clothes When to mother time came to leave, I occupied with putting on of a bathing suit hardly looked at her.

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Development Pronouncing syllabic combinations of a bdabd, bdobdo, bdubda, bdybda; bdabdobdy, bdabdabdubdy with intonation change.

Development of phonemic perception Definition of a position of a sound sh in words Shura, Masha, Natasha, the robust fellow, korotysh, the silly fellow, the naked child.

Occupation Exercise for development of a long exhalation The wind rustles.

To establish a bubble upside down at the level of a nose.

To raise wide language to an upper lip and strongly to blow on language.

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Therefore On the general trouble human, the pleasure of this sort happens sharper, than pleasure of kind people because it flashes on a dark, burdensome, sad background: a lightning in night.

Is explained by it, why some people are so committed to the evil.

They make all new and new destructive acts to test though a moment of sharp pleasure.

Therefore the evil will happens such terrible.

Sometimes even it seems as if it is stronger than good will as if it is attractive as if the evil is pleasant to people more, than kindly, I had to meet such opinion.

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