Lets remember

Lets remember And what to do to feeling near the conveyor?

And how to operate feeling?

So there is a false idea of reason superiority over feelings, of antagonism between feelings and reason, about advantage of mind and uselessness of feeling.

Lets remember this danger, reflecting on mind education.

Even for convenient studying, even it is temporary, even in the form of the admission we should not divide mind and feeling.

In a pure look mind and feeling do not exist, are not cultivated and are extremely dangerous to the person and his environment.

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All other

All other and But what to do?


We build only one wall of educational construction so far, and one wall does not keep.

All other part of the book also represents the answer to the elementary in appearance a question: how to grow up the independent person?

Clearly to answer any question, it is necessary to use clear words.

And here also waits for us the hidden obstacle.

Hundreds of years the world repeats the ironical and sad Shakespearean phrase: Words, words, words Sublime words with which so often cover emptiness mean.

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On the contrary, we will

On the contrary, we will Much worse when it is necessary to sigh: Interests nothing mine But also we will leave this phrase at ourselves, never we will reproach the child with an incuriosity it is dangerous.

On the contrary, we will try to inspire in it that everything interests him, we will be surprised endlessly to his sharp eye, fast mind, then, perhaps, we indeed will manage to shake a heavy flywheel of an incuriosity.

If tenyearold grabs everything and everything throws, he looks for the interest, looks for such business which at it will go; lets not reproach him, we will restrain, will try to be patient teachers.

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Pronouncing Fourth stage Pronouncing syllables and onomatopoeias.

Game tasks and exercises Echo.

We got lost in the wood, we cried Hey!

Conversation of toys.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations: a pas on a pas on, pubupubu.

Conversation of aliens youvuyouvu, vafayoufy, Who as gives a vote.

Cuckoo: Kuku, to a kuk.

Horse: A yoke go auau.

Cat: Myauuu.

Dog: Гвввв, Afffff, Chicken: Totototo.

Rooster: Ku kureku.

Lets call pigeons babblebabblebabble.

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Here know

Here know By the way, war in which the victory is obvious, that is war with obviously weak opponent, unfair war will demoralize soldiers.

Here know that will win, and decline of morals because the morals are closely connected with belief.

Everywhere, where only one knowledge where the belief potesnyatsya, falls morals there.

Moral level of the person is directly proportional to his belief in the supreme human values, in correctness and a victory of the business.

For heart it is necessary to trust.

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