Further Before repeated reading installation on storing and the subsequent retelling is given.

After repeated reading questions according to contents of the text are set, the attention of the child is drawn to words which he has to say correctly, pronouncing these words.

Further it is offered, using the direct speech of the character, to choose for it suitable intonation.

If some children participate in occupation, it is possible to dramatize the story or the fairy tale, to read the text on roles.

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My ingenuity

My ingenuity The next year I was on an exhibition of toys, having dressed up a rag doll.

And this invention too was appreciated.

My ingenuity both in study, and in pranks attracted to me the girl by the name of Cristal Swift.

We for hours shook together on a swing or played in association.

Anybody, except us two, could not understand that ridiculous that jelly are followed by lime, and behind lime sauce.

But it infinitely amused us, Cristal understood my speech muffled, abrupt and confused.

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Only about

Only about Only about ten percent of children, whose state in a broad sense are called antique or autizmopodobny, can be considered as RDA having the syndrome described by Leo Kanner in E form is filled with the childs parents.

As many examples of behavior at children with autism and other similar violations of development significantly change after five years, all questions E Forms belong to behavior, medical history etc.

of the child from the birth till six years.

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From words: Mother

From words: Mother On a grass somersault, Jump, butt.

Mother nannygoat is strict, Would pull by horns, But is not present meanwhile rozhek At children tonkonozhek.

Index and big fingers of the left and right hand vigorously move on a table surface, then cams rest each other butt.

From words: Mother nannygoat is strict to raise two spread wide fingers of the left hand up, and the right hand to squeeze horns.

CHEERFUL FINGERS This finger went to the wood, This finger found a mushroom, This finger began to clean, This finger began to fry, And this finger ate everything, Because also grew fat.

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The reason

The reason The desire arises only when there is some hope for its execution.

It is terrible to utter in our century of reason, but the soul human needs belief, but not reason.

The reason is necessary to the modern person in order that it, the person, was able to trust.

Old saying of the medieval churchman is known: I trust because it is absurd.

The modern person speaks: I trust because answers reason.

But I trust.

All the same I trust!

The reason kills blind belief, but need forces to trust the person to think.

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