Well why you made

Well why you made Pedagogics all as detective.

Sixyearold Matvei passed by others apartment, saw that at doors the key sticks out, turned it, locked a door, and the key carried away to the yard and buried in snow scandal came out awful.

It is good that the boy admitted, and it is good that found a key it buried it so, as a century not to find.

Well why you made it?

Well unless you do not understand?

I stick to Matvei, being indignant.

But he cannot explain!

And no boy can explain why he took others, hit the companion, pinched, pushed, called why he did not begin to do homework, put out the tongue at the neigbour in a school desk from where he knows, why?

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The belief

The belief Where there is or can be a contradiction where alternative knowledge is possible we will call them so, the belief is absolutely necessary there.

It is the cornerstone also of belief.

Belief are the knowledge connected to belief in them.

The belief the knowledge capable to sustain criticism to resist under the pressure of alternative, opposite views and the facts.

Continuous dispute: how feelings influence knowledge?

How knowledge affects feelings?

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It is so great

It is so great Whether it is necessary to hurry?

Who knows, maybe, in this freedom under supervision which more will never be, that is in full internal freedom from responsibility, from conscience, from need to choose, grows ripe both ability to love, and thirst for selfrelease.

It is so great that the child in everything contradicts parents.


Leaves with mother the bus I!

And after all will break.

Mother picks up it under mice, holds strong, but keeps saying: !

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The first

The first These children insincerity mix with improbable politeness and false manners.

Their reaction to freedom is prompt and predictable.

The first few weeks they open a door before teachers, address to me sir and carefully wash.

They look at me with respect In which the fear is easily read.

In some weeks of freedom they prove to be the true: become rough, not washed y lose all the manners.

They do everything that forbade them earlier: talk smut, smoke, break things, thus keep insincere politeness in eyes and in a voice.

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Then that

Then that The conflicts concerning preparation of lessons began at them since then as the son went to school, And this time mother began to saw it: You promised that will make lessons, and then will be engaged in another matters.

Then that you do not keep the word?

The son did not even deign to tear off the look from a banner: I will make.

And now, please, leave alone me!

Mother sarcastically laughed: Well here, I already heard it not once.

I want that you stopped going about the own business and made up to the end lessons.

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