On what only

On what only The school furiously was at war with long hairdresses.

All were put in order, even tenthgraders forced to cut the hair and only one our boy sported magnificent on childrens taste of that time a hairdress.

On what only shifts it did not go!

Climbed in school in a window to pass the duty teacher, ran from lessons, hid in corridors if saw the director, war.

But only on the boy waved a hand: let goes as wants, he went and cut the hair nearly bare.

That put and came to an end.

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Because mother

Because mother In conditions samoregulya, tion each new day and minute of life of the child mean new opening for mother.

Because mother always follows the child and all the time studies in the course of direct supervision.

So, if the child shouts within half an hour after he well ate, young mother should most solve this problem out of a zavisimy sta of that supporters of the strict schedule about it speak.

To it it is inconvenient?

He is tormented by gases in a tummy?

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But who does

But who does But who does not know, the benefits from where undertake?

Repeating endlessly: do not understand, it is necessary to explain, it is necessary to teach, it is necessary to accustom, it is necessary to demand, it is necessary that understood, it is necessary to force, it is necessary to control resorting to these habitual pedagogical turns of speech, thoughts and actions, we is imperceptible for itself we slip by something very serious.

All people know that at school it is necessary to study well, and to work at work, but all people nevertheless have suddenly desires.

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Products. Call

Products. Call Refrigerator.


Call the subjects lying in the refrigerator.

What should not lie in the refrigerator?

Basic words: balyk, sausage, milk, sunflower oil, butter, fat, apples, eggplants, halvah, fruit jelly, fruit candy, strawberry, salad, onions, onions, beet, blueberry, apple, strawberry, cherry plum, doll, unleavened wheat cake.

Than it is possible to regale?

What mean words the gourmand, to regale, a titbit?

Whether you know these words?

Creamery, creamery.

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In the yard

In the yard Allocation by voice of a shock syllable in words: machine, lock, lock, etc.

Work on a logical accent in the offer.

In the yard there is a lot of to snow.

In the yard there is a lot of to snow.

In the yard there is a lot of to snow.

Who called you papaMedved, mother Medveditsa or Mishutka?

Call Mashenka home voice of mother, grandfather or grandmother.

Tell so that Bears allowed to go home Mashenka.

Ask Bears to release Mashenka.

Order to bears to release Mashenka.

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