Rarara, there

Rarara, there Sound pronunciation r in chistogovorka.

Word creation of children There is a sound r, songs are sung, chistogovorka composes.

The composition a chistogovorok with words the mountain, grapes, pomegranate.

Rarara, there is a high mountain.

It Radradrad, sweet grapes grow.

Natnatnat, I love pomegranate.

Fizminutka Cheerful warmup under V.

Shainskys music Together cheerfully to walk on open spaces.

Sound pronunciation r in words and selection of definitions The strong wind blew.

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Pronouncing Speech combination to the movement The woodpecker gives a signal to the baby birds.

Pronouncing syllabic combinations dydydydydyso, yesyes, to to to to to dock with an accent on a final syllable.

Woodpeckers greet us.

Pronouncing syllables dy yes, dy yes, dy yes, du to dy, dadudy on one exhalation.

Development of phonemic perception Game Catch a Sound R.

Allocation of a sound r against the sounds close on acoustic and articulation signs.

Sounds l, r, sh, r, l, r.

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Alternation Pronouncing a combination iye with tension.

Correction of a lip and tooth sigmatizm To show that during pronouncing a sound with a lip should not adjoin to the top cutters or approach with them.

Alternation of movements of lips with consecutive change of their smykaniye and disconnection connected with an oskalivaniye of teeth and an exposure of the lower cutters.

The mechanical help in a type of pushup of a lower lip by the pallet from top to bottom is in case of need applied.

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If your child

If your child But, arriving thus, we deprive of its opportunity to learn life by own experience.

If your child tries to put on boots and speaks to you: I am not able, and you know that earlier he coped with it, smile and leave the room.

Do not ask him at all and do not plague him.

You will give to the child feeling that in him believe, and this feeling is capable to push him to commission of such acts which he considered excessive for himself.

Be convinced that your child has certain duties and he makes the contribution to family affairs.

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Violations For example, autopsy of a brain of people with a dyslexia shows that they broke development of bark of the left hemisphere and neurons grow in the wrong direction.

Violations in the left hemisphere allow the right hemisphere to create more developed Chains of neurons.

Albert Galaburda from Medical school of Harvard concludes: Perhaps, it will help us to explain that strange fact that among having a dyslexia we see a large number of the people presented musically, having talents for various vizualnoprostranstvenny activity, and also lefthanders is disproportionate.

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